Alexandra Bentley

Hi! My Name is Alexandra and I’m the University of Lincoln Student Union’s Women’s Officer.

My role is to support, represent and empower women across campus. Since being cross-campus elected, I ran a campaign in November called the “Reclaim The Night March” to combat street harassment in Lincoln. This was open to everyone: students, staff, local community, all genders etc. and we had a phenomenal turnout and hope we have made a significant difference within the community.

I also ran a campaign back in December to collect sanitary product donations for the YMCA to help out the homeless women in Lincolnshire. We managed to collect 2 big dustbins full!

Currently, I am working on a Red Box Project collections but also on the Students Unions plans for Women’s History Month in March.

We will be having events aimed at empowering students such as “Not Just A Girls Night,” where students will be given information about all the support they have around Lincoln, not just from the University/SU; we will also be having a “liberation library” released every week with a mixture of books/podcasts to inspire students; “Women Power Wednesday” where we release women who have done incredible and inspirational things; a “solidarity campaign” hoping to educate/raise awareness about what feminism actually is; a self-defence workshop; will we also be having inspirational quotes from local Lincoln women e.g. Vice Chancellor Mary Stewart, local MP Karen Lees, Sue Libird, Diane Lees etc. as to their advice for women in leadership positions; and a “Galentine’s Day,” a space for people to express their appreciation for women who have inspired them.

You can contact Alexandra here, at

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